Is College Education Still Valuable?

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Is a College Education Still Valuable? Many people believe that getting a college education is no longer valuable. They believe that with the internet at their fingertips, there is no need for a college education, but college education provides more than just information for their students. College is about independence and learning how to take charge of his or her life. It is an opportunity for students to learn about their future career. Students learn about intriguing subjects, how to make lifelong friends, and how to spend valuable time with people outside of his or her social circle. Students have the rest of their lives to go to work every day, but college gives them a chance to make connections, build networks, and get to know new people who have a different life experience. Many people believe that the time and cost of a college education no longer outweighs the benefits; however, acquiring a college degree gives students an opportunity to find their dream job and to earn more money in the future. Before entering the workplace, students should take advantage of the opportunities that acquiring a college degree will provide. One opportunity is that college allows students to learn what career they like and dislike before they enter the labor force. College is a time to explore a major that will continue to appeal to the student throughout his or her life. Many students are unsure of their career path after graduating from high school. College provides…
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