Is College Education Worth It?

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Is a College Education Worth It?

Garrett Lazorchak


The debate about whether a college education is worth it may have begun when the pilgrims first came over from Europe and founded “New College”, which was later changed to Harvard University in 1636. With over 19.9 million college students enrolled today and a combined student debt for the country of over 1.2 trillion dollars the debate continues today. People who argue that college is not worth it, point to the crippling debt that some college graduates have which can delay graduates from saving for retirement or buying a house. They also say that everybody enrolling in college can have some unintended consequences and that many jobs, especially trade jobs, do not require a degree. People who say that a college education is worth it contend that college graduates have bigger salaries, higher employment rates, and more work benefits than those only with a high school diploma.

History of American Colleges

There are currently nine colleges still operational that began during the colonial era: Harvard University (1636), the College of William & Mary (1693), Yale University (1701), Princeton University (1746), Columbia University (1754), Brown University (1764), Dartmouth College (1769), Rutgers University (1766), and the University of Pennsylvania(1749). (Perkin) These universities usually catered to a specific religion such as Puritan or Episcopalian and were funded by either England or the colony. (Thelin)…
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