Is College Education Worth It?

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Is College Education Worth It?
Have you ever wondered how much some of our nation’s top college presidents are paid? If not, then the CNN documentary Ivory Tower is a good starting point.
The continual increase of college tuition and student loans has made headlines in the news recently, mostly because of the alarming amount of student debt in the United States. According to the College Board, in 2010, students graduated from college owing an average of $25,250 in student loans; the highest amount ever. Needless to say that we are way pass this amount as of January 2016. As it stands, student debt is more than $1.2 Trillion dollars, higher than both credit card debt and auto loans. It is thus, not surprising that the issue of the cost of college education is at the forefront in this year’s presidential primaries. Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton is proposing a “debt-free tuition” and not wanting to be outdone, Bernie Sanders is offering “free tuition” for college students. If they are not being just being “politicians” and remain true to their words, then like Europe, college education in United States will be, for the most part free. However, if they fail to fulfill their promises, then God help America.
In light of this, if the current trends in the unemployment rates among recent college graduates and the ever-increasing student loan debts are anything to go by, then college education is not worth the cost.
Contemporary research findings have shown that many recent…
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