Is College Expensive For College Debt?

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Is College Expensive?

College is very expensive for many people these days – it is a nightmare. Upon graduation, many students will accrue a huge debt; like the old students, who are reeling with college debt. Most of the old students cannot afford a decent life because their income is not enough to sustain a living while paying a college debt. Some parents have enrolled their children in college investment funds; as an attempt to lessen the future college debt. However, the government claims that the public colleges provide an affordable education; moreover, there are a variety of funds available to help students pay for college. Regardless, college is still expensive because the college debt will become a lifetime debt for many graduates. Undoubtedly, college is expensive for students because many students cannot afford to pay their tuition from their wages and salaries. According to Matthew Reed, and Debbie Cochrane, “69% of graduates from public and private institutions accrued a student loan debt with an average of $28,400 per student.” Next, the graduate will start to pay back loan with installments; as a result, the balance will accrue interest which means the student debt will increase. Regardless of employment status, a student loan has to be repaid, yet employment is not guaranteed upon completion. Many graduates struggle to get jobs because they lack the experience which is needed by the employers, so some graduates will become jobless, while others
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