Is College For Everyone?

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Nowadays, seniors students in high school are qualified to graduate and peregrinate to college to get a degree for their future jobs. There is an author, Pharinet, who verbally expresses that, “That there are too many students enrolled in school who simply don’t belong there” (680). Pharinet says that in her article, “Is College for Everyone?” She argues that college is not for everyone and that students should think deeply afore enrolling. She claims that students who are not academically ready and financially stable are the most mundane in college. Pharinet commences her credibility (ethos), logically (logos), and emotionally (pathos) with broad facts and statistics, a real-life situation, and word of mouth on why college is not for everyone. In Pharinet’s article, she first states that students who are inclined to peregrinate to college are due to jobs that require a degree or simply because your parent pressure you to go. If a student decides to peregrinate to college, a great deal of them does go. She perpetuates by discussing that, “There are too many students enrolled in school who simply don’t belong there… approximately 50% of students who begin college never graduate”(680). She states that if a student goes to college, they will have a “50/50” or a “do or die” of getting a degree. From her perspective, why peregrinate to college if the approval rate is fifty percent (which it is not a good rate)? A possible solution to this percentage, Pharinet suggest that

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