Is College For Everyone? Essay

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In her article “Is College for Everyone?” blogger and college professor Pharinet discusses the value of a college education and debates whether or not it is worth it to pursue a continued education. The author’s purpose for writing this article is to attempt to change a popular societal opinion that it is necessary to attend college in order to succeed. She argues that there are students who are often unprepared for the challenges and responsibilities of attending college, but attend simply for the reason that they are expected to. She challenges the idea that “college is for everyone” and encourages college students to question how beneficial a college education is for them personally. The organization of Pharinet’s article starts off with the basic question about college. Is it for everyone? Throughout the article, she strategically organizes the paragraphs to answer this question. She organizes the paragraphs in a way that pulls the main ideas from each paragraph. The paragraph shifts from types of students, to the cost of education, to students that attend college that are unable to read, to college students mentality, and ending with examining why people attend college. The last paragraph basically shows a problem and the solution. Throughout the article, she asks questions which also shows how she organizes the article. There is a wide group of people that could be the potential audience. It could be high school students that could read about this and are

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