Is College For Everyone?

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Is College for Everyone? The evolution of time is the cause of the various changes in the universe; it keeps on producing new concepts to challenge and a better understanding of the importance of education in everyone’s life. Despite all of the struggling college students might face, yet college education is always a smart decision and the right investment towards the future. Earning a bachelor 's degree is an extremely valuable step which prepares the person for a long journey of a wide variety of job opportunities, high payment, better economy, and a brighter future. Education has various connections with almost every aspect of everyone’s life. Thus, the higher the level of education people are able to reach, the more benefits it has on the individual’s life and the society in general. Therefore, David Leonhardt argues in his article “Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Say” that the decision not to attend college is “among the most economically irrational decisions anyone could make,” in spite of the cost of attending college which will be paid off in the long run. Consequently, high education is considered as a major factor in solving economic problems and improving the economy, among other solutions. Even though the rise in the number of college graduates had positively impacted the American economy by leading to the growth of the pay gap, yet it’s still not enough. The reason is that the short number of college graduates is mainly due to the lack of

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