Is College Ranking Necessary?

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“Is college ranking necessary?” It is undoubtedly true that college education is an investment; whereby the student together with their parents spent money, time and energy for four years with the intention that this ‘intellectual’ investment would be profitable. It is because of this, therefore, that people take huge interest in knowing where the college stacks up in comparison to the other colleges; therefore making the college ranking useful to many people. Many parents and students solemnly depend on the information and ideas from the ranking sources in making decisions on the type of college they want together with the career choices in those colleges (J. Scott Armstrong and Tad Sperry 1994). It is because of this keen interest by the parents and students on the college rankings that there have been different parties conducting surveys and making rankings based on different criteria. There are different resources that are available and which they are used in ranking colleges in terms of the alumni success rates, the education value provided, the test scores among others. These rankings for a long time have had the tendencies of convincing students and their parents that certain institutions which are given better rankings are, and would always, be better than the others. My outlook to this, however is that when selecting a college, the rankings should not be the only thing that is being considered. Yes, they play a crucial role but what
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