Is College Really Worth It?

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So, Is college really worth it?
About a generation ago getting a college education was born out of the pursuit of knowledge, but now it has become a competition for students to get into the most accredited University right after they are handed their high school diploma. College tuition has become so expensive in the last ten years that people are now debating whether or not college it is worth pursuing right out of high school. A college education is what the student makes out of it, and if they 're only going to get a degree it is important to know that a college education does not guarantee a job and stable future. The majority of young adults at the end of high school don 't even know what career they want to pursue because of the restricting high school curriculum, so to remedy this people should consider community college or taking a gap year. Whether or not to get a college education depends on what the person wants to do. Four year college should not be the default after finishing high school in America.

While there are few students who are coddled by the safety net of their parents wealth, the vast majority of students who have to weigh out the worth of even going to college with thousands of dollars building up like a cancer until the final moment where they proudly receive their degree. According to Economic Politics of the 21st Century at the Manhattan Institute; out of the 1.8 million college grads receiving a Bachelor 's degree about 70% will obtain an
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