Is College Really Worth the Trouble?

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What if I am too broke to afford to go to college? College is expensive and the costs are continuing to rise. I ask myself this question everyday and wonder is going to college actually worth it. The future of higher education is continuing to evolve and I believe that college is affordable to anyone who truly wants to go. The future of traditional college is in jeopardy. Sometimes going to college and spending the money is not always the best option.
To begin with, I believe that college is affordable. I believe that if a person really wants to go to college than that person will achieve that goal by any means. A person who is determined to achieve higher education will exhaust all resources to make sure that this happens. There are many
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I disagree with Glassner and Schapiro because some people want the traditional college experience. Don’t get me wrong, technology will eventually take over but a lot of students still want the experience of moving away and going to school. That experience is like nothing else because this is the time of a student’s life where they really discover themselves. Some students want to join social clubs, sororities, fraternities, etc. Online course do not give the students that opportunity. Some students want to travel and attend a school out of state. Some colleges and universities do not have online courses available to those who want to attend that school. The freedom that comes with living on campus is incomparable as well. Every action that the student makes affects the experience of the student. The biggest disadvantage of online courses is that you cannot connect with other students. This period in a person’s life is where the lifelong friends are made and this simply cannot happen if the person is taking online courses.
Furthermore, achieving higher education and attending college sometimes just cannot happen. Simply put, not everyone can and or should attend college. Think about it like this, if everyone had college degrees, people would feel entitled to good paying jobs.

If everyone were to obtain these well paying jobs, who would be there to collect garbage, who would run fast food restaurants, where would the school janitors go? If everyone had college
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