Is College The Best Option?

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For our first essay, I selected the topic group “Is College the Best Option” from They Say, I Say. I chose the group for a few key reasons. I have read, streamed, listened, and watched many different forms of the discussion on higher education, hearing many compelling arguments from both sides on the issue. The education system in the United States of America is a topic that I continue I strive to learn about whenever the opportunity presents itself and it did just that with this assignment. Although I had never read any of the selections from the three authors that I chose, I had heard of the President of The University of Maryland, Freeman Hrabowski, but I had never read any of works or realized that he was a writer. It was an enriching experience to read more about the subject from new perspectives. I believe that the insights I gained from the readings have helped shape my views on the topic and will help me in the near future. The issue, “Is College the Best Option,” interestingly is actually closely related to my major in a few facets. The idea of opportunity cost is an often overlooked fact that the first author and second author touch upon. This is that the real cost of doing something is equal to the value you’d gain by doing something else. The example the second author, Charles Murray, presents is an anecdote about the young man deciding whether or not he should be an electrician or not. The boy weighs his various options and the cost benefits of each of them in
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