Is College Too Easy?

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Everybody approaches their education at college differently, depending on what they want the end result to be. Some students find higher education as a pathway to a high paying job when they graduate, while others believe that college is a way to learn more about what interests them and to develop into a better person. There has been recent debate that students are getting distracted from their learning by other extracurricular activities. According to “Is College too easy? As study time falls, debate rises”, a study shows that the average study time dropped from twenty four hours to just fifteen hours (de Vise). This decrease has been causing people to wonder if college is becoming too easy, or if it is the students that are doing something different. Study time has dropped due to a multitude of things, such as major and activities outside of school. Studying is part of the learning process that every student goes through. Most learning occurs outside of the classroom, such as in a dorm or the library. The teacher provides the information in hope that the student will learn it themselves. The process of taking information and turning it into knowledge is called studying. Students are supposed to study two hours for every one hour in class (de Vise). Scholars believe there are a variety of reasons. Some scholars believe the reason that study time has dropped is due to the type of major. I agree with this because every major requires a different amount of work.
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