Is College Too Expensive?

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Is College Too Expensive? A very popular topic these days is College tuition. For what seems to be ages, people didn’t give much attention to the cost of tuition. However, in current times theres been a dramatic change. It seems that everyday, several people are coming to the harsh realization of how high tuition has gotten over the years and they wish to see a change. In this essay, I shall attempt to cover a very serious and hard topic. I say that because in the process of finding information for this topic, there are several articles showing examples of people attacking administrations in serious anger. Little to no information was found giving an example of college staff and administration trying to defend or speak up. Before beginning research for this paper, I believed there would have been several arguments made between enraged parents, students, graduates and administration. Though, upon examination I found my thoughts to be confirmed as false for the most part. I go throughout my days with the constant thought of “If we can just make it through this, it 'll be okay” when it comes to my college tuition. I can’t help but wonder what I 'm going to do about my tuition when I transfer to a major university, it haunts me. Though it may only be two years, I still have to somehow come up with thousands of dollars just to better my education. My trip to the counselor to hear my degree plan only added more pressure and stress to my life. To think realize theres…
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