Is College Tuition Really Too High?

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The ability to form a strong argument that can persuade the public is an underrated talent. There is no better way to convince others than to state facts and give in-depth proof of the topic. It shows a strong understanding of the subject at hand and critical thought. An impressive argument consists of a claim, grounds, and a warrant. Every claim must include evidence, stated or not stated, to support it. One article to argue their point well is “Is College Tuition Really Too High?” This topic is highly debated amongst politicians and can easily sway a voter 's opinion based on how they plan to fix this issue. There are many reasons to worry about the rising cost of tuition; The industry of education makes up a large part of our economy. It’s difficult for young adults to see this though, the predominant factor in selecting a school includes the large and intimidating price tag, but there are varying qualities in education, from community to Ivy League schools. The amount of aid that students receive also vary depending on what attributes a student can bring to the school. In addition, the aid is also disproportionate to try and reciprocate for people who choose not to go to a post secondary school. The strongest claim the author made was that the economy and education are highly intertwined. It is stated that without a public access to a higher level of education, the income equality will grow larger and our country of democracy and prosperity will be in jeopardy. The
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