Is College Tuition Too High?

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Tia Williams Mr. Carpenter 1101 composition 1 July 13, 2015 Is College Tuition To High? Jeffery J. Selingo stated in The Washington Post, “How long can we go with tuition until it is to much?” This statement is what many people think, who are struggling to pay off there tuition. The cost of tuition is extremely too high. Earlier in the 1900’s the cost of tuition was merely 200 dollars a year, but now tuition can be from 15,00 to 50,00 dollars a year. ("UNIVERSITY HISTORY." Educational Costs (1900-1909), University of Pennsylvania University Archives. Web. 14 July 2015.) Those statistics show that the cost of tuition has more than tripled from a century ago. In this essay I will be discussing the hurtful side to paying so much tuition from, student loans to financial aid. Also I will be giving you five major reasons why tuition is so high. For many people they have dreamed about going to college whether it is local or far away. They can already picture their future being successful. Some believe they already have a lot of things planned out, from how they will pay for classes to where they will live. Surprisingly everything does not always go as planned. Let’s start off with financial aid. Financial aid is any grant, scholarship, or loans that are offered to help pay your college expenses. Many time this aid provided by federal and state agencies, college or foundations. Many times the aid given to you is based off your parent’s salary. This can sometime be bad if they
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