Is College Worth It?

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Is college worth it, many ask and a lot of them wonder. This controversial topic has a lot of arguments and still no fix answer to it. Some people might find college to be not worth it as most people find it useless after graduation as said by TOM BACHTELL on a college graduation “ diploma—need not be a statistics major to know that the odds of stepping into a satisfying job, or, indeed, any job, are lower now than might have been imagined four long years ago”. But in my opinion I would say that College is worth it and it 's worth more then anything and people should go to college.
There have been a study that most jobs in future won’t require a college degree According to the Times(, eight out of the ten job categories that will add the most employees during the next decade including home-health aide, customer-service representative, and store clerk—can be performed by someone without a college degree. It’s true that this small jobs don’t require a college degree but if we see ourselves and our history we have been developing too fast and in that development life got harder, and requirements for opportunity increased. The world is changing, the job that once required no education are now demanding GED or high school diploma and need not to be statistics that soon that requirement would change to college diploma as the world is advancing at a fast phase that it never did. It was 6 to 7 years ago when need a of computer skill wasn’t even a question and now whole world is
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