Is College Worth It?

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Is college really worth it? This is a question many students start to ask themselves as the time for applying to colleges approaches. College is not cheap, but many would say that receiving an education is the way to obtain a “good” job. Those who attend to college and are able to obtain a degree have higher employment rates, bigger salaries and more work benefits than someone that only has a high school diploma. Attending to college is not always easy. There are many aspects that need to be put in consideration. For instance paying for tuition, being able to receive employment right after and simply having the motivation and support to finish college. Even though there are many obstacles that one needs to overcome, attending college and receiving a degree is the way to a better and more successful life.

For me college is worth the debt you will be in when you graduate. College is very expensive nowadays because the average tuition in an “elite” college 34,000 dollars a year. In an article they manage to mention that the believe the reason why the cost of college is so high in the “elite” universities is because they are overpaying professors and building unnecessary structures of athletes in the campuses. Which many student don't find necessary to do. This is why many students are very furious about where the money they are paying for their education is going toward. The article also mentions that the other reason why the cost of education is going up is because they
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