Is College Worth It?

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The question here is, is college worth it? Many people question this especially high school students who are about to graduate. This debate is still taking place today. The common misunderstood saying is, if you have a degree you will then have a good job. But this is not the case because in today’s society there are so many people with degrees who still cannot find a job. The rate of unemployment is increasing rapidly on a yearly basis. High school students see it this way, if I can’t find a job with a degree then it’s not worth the time, and from there on they quit after high school. On the other side of the debate college education is no longer an option or a privilege, but rather it has become a necessity. The rate of students going to college is increasing every year plus the number of colleges being build is also increasing. In my believe college provides me with higher education that will help me in the future whether it’s with a job or an experience. College education means everything to me and my family because my parents left their home country and immigrated to the United States in order for me and my siblings to have a higher and better education. For me there are numerous reasons why college education is worthwhile, while other people might clearly disagree. About “80% of college graduates say yes college degree is worth it” (debate website). You do not need a college degree to become successful, there are many different paths to take. This study will
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