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Is college worth it? Ask yourself a question, is college worth it to you? If you answered no then in this case it will be beneficial for you to read this. When thinking about college you have to think more about what you want out of it rather than what you have to do to get through it. The skills that you get while attending college can be very beneficial to you. Having the critical thinking and advanced communication skills that you acquire in college. Getting a college degree and bringing what you learned to the real world will benefit you in your quest for financial success. It is often said that college is not worth the time and money, but getting a college degree and bring what you learned to the real world will benefit your …show more content…
The main thing you have to look at is how much you are going to make because you spent the extra money to go to college. Sometimes it may seem that all the experiences that you get out of college you can get in high school or around work but this isn’t the only thing you get. You get a higher level of education that betters your mind and you’re thinking process. Some people say this is not true but, I think that it is. Packing your brain with knowledge and skills will never do you wrong? As said in the video on “youtube” the narrator talks about the rising tuition cost. The narrator said “is collage worth the cost?” This may seem true to some people but I feel otherwise. You shouldn’t base your decision on whether or not to go to college because of the cost. Getting a college degree will always benefit you. Sometimes it may seem like it’s not worth the time, or not worth the money. But you have to think about your future, and where you want to end up. Getting a higher level of education will improve your communication skills and you will develop greater creative thinking skills along with the ability to creatively solve problems given to you. This will aid in your advantage in being able to acquire a good job that will provide you with financial security. Having the upper hand in today’s economy with the ruthless job race will leave you with the ability to impress the employer, then embedding your skills

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