Is College Worth It? Secondary Education Is What We Are

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Is college worth it? Secondary education is what we are told to do. Knowledge is a valuable asset to have but we try to achieve it mostly because that is the option we decide to choose. Whether it was our own or it was influenced by family or professors. But the question I want college and incoming college students to think about is, are we really going to be out in four years, especially if we have other variables that conflict with our goal. And sadly the answer is no because there is a low amount of students who actually complete in four years the majority in five or six. So, are we really just told what we want to hear? What stood out to me in the article by Lang,K. was that one of the students who shared her story said that five is…show more content…
Some are actually similar to the variables of the article “College in four years not that common anymore”. So, the first was institutional financial aid, and second was “real tuition cost”. Third is instructional expenditures per full time equivalent student, and fourth was student factuality ratio. The fifth one was the average GPA of the incoming class. For both articles money is the most important factor that determines graduation rate. “80 CCCU (Council for Christian Colleges and Universities) institutions indicated that 48.6% of the variation in four-year graduation rated could be explain by the model, after adjusting the sample size”(To Dream). It is interesting to know that this article was done to help families select what is best to achieve four year graduation. This article also separated the seventeen performance indicators that they found and split them into tree groups: faith-related,financial, and institutional. Faith related variables are curfews, chapel-attendance requirements, required religion courses, and religion affiliations. Financial factors cause stress, “Tinto(1993) notes that financial constraints influence persistence…”(To Dream). Since students need money to continue education many get loans and go for grants and discounts offered. For Institutional factor it is important for faculty and students to interact and also how they spend the money students pay. “Specifically, prior studies have associated general expenditures per

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