Is College Worth The Money?

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College degree higher costs. After students have spent some time in college, they probably will find a couple of things. Maybe the education is costing more than what they thought, or the financial situation has changed. Whatever the reasons are college students often find need for financial help when they are not expect. There is not perfect formula to calculate how much money college will cost. The cost of some necessities like rent, food, tuition and books change every semester. According with “Is College Worth the Money” by Krysten Exchange, A College degree is worth the investment. College education essentially is the key to success in the future. It opens many doors of opportunities and allows us to explore every option available.…show more content…
Nowadays, companies require at least a college degree for better income. If an employer has two candidates for an open position, he will pick the best of both the one that fills all the requirements. Also, there is a high probability that the person chosen is the one with the highest level of education. Another reason to have a college degree is to earn more money with better features and benefits. In today’s society the cost of rent, food, medical insurance, and others bills is too high. A person with a high school diploma may need to have two jobs to support its family. Nowadays, the best recommendations are to either have a business or at least have a degree this will facilitate your income. A college degree is the base to accomplish higher goals in a company. The more education an employee has the faster this person gets to move up in a company. There are many personal satisfactions in live, but getting a college degree must feel really good for a person that has work hard days and nights to achieve that goal. Personal growth that brings to obtain a degree, a dream come true. There are many examples of what student’s sacrifice to obtain this goal like a person who works extra shifts to pay its education, or as a mother at the end of every day after taking care of her family, it’s time for her to do her assignments. And a worker that after a long day of hard work, goes to its evening classes. There are some many students doing this type of
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