Is College Worth The Money?

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In the United States alone, roughly about 20.2 million people are attending American universities and colleges as of the fall of 2015 (“Back to School Statistics”). Students around the country are paying thousands upon thousands of dollars to receive a degree in a field of their choice, where they may or may not be able to use to find work once they graduate. Is college really worth the money? Is it worth putting ourselves tens of thousands of dollars in debt to receive a diploma that doesn’t guarantee a job after graduating? I believe it isn’t. I believe that driving up the cost of education is utterly unreasonable and outrageous in a society that expects young adults to earn a degree to be successful in life. College tuition is differed by the institution and type of institution that a student enrolls in. For example, tuition at a two year community college is significantly less than a four year university. In the 2012 – 2013 academic year, the average tuition at a public two year institution was about $8,928, while the tuition at a public four year university was $17,474 (“Tuition Costs of Colleges and Universities”). The tuition cost to attend a public four year university is almost twice the amount of the tuition cost at a two year university. Tuition fees do not include room and board or a meal plan, so why is it that a university’s tuition is twice as much as a college’s tuition? Two year institutions are now beginning to offer classes and courses to students to

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