Is College Worth Your Time?

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Nicholas Pecarina Professor Wood ENGL 1302-83030 06 May 2016 Is College Worth Your Time? Is graduating from college and paying thousands of dollars while at the same time going into student loan debt worth it? Is a college education worth the price tag? What benefit does college provide an individual? What is the risk of obtaining a college degree but not finding a job? There are so many questions to answer because college is a big investment of time and treasure. A college degree enables a person to live life comfortably, to take advantage of multiple choices of employment, and to pursue the American dream. Let us start by answering how college will be worth your time and how college is worth your money, followed by a deeper look at how a college student evolves and benefits through the trials of a college education, and then explore counterarguments to the concept of going to college. Time is a precious commodity. You graduate from high school and find yourself needing to get that ticket to your career. You are ready to start getting paid for your time, but you must have that ticket to a higher paying job to be able to start out on your own. The decision to travel down a four-year-long road to that ticket, a college degree, is a tough proposition for someone who just four years before was in junior high school. Four years is one fifth of an eighteen year old teenager’s life. However, this road, although its long, is an opportunity for the college student to

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