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The analytical aspect of being defined by a social class sounds degrading. Being placed

in one group of social status can make a person feel self-conscious. But what if you a

combination of lower social class, a person of the earliest kind in your family, and being divided

even further based on your gender ? Furthermore, being a student who wishes to further their

education looks to our educational system without prejudice. Our educational system is to further

our knowledge and prepare us for our career choice. The definition of education,” is the act or

process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and

judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others
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The tuition and fee costs of community colleges make them an attractive form of higher education for the working-class (8).

I have to agree with Danford’s claim. This is the reason I and so many other students attend

community colleges with the hopes of transferring to a four-year university: to reduce the

overall cost of a higher education. The lack of resources of providing students in these situations

causes us to choose community colleges based mainly on their cost. Another reason I attend a

community college is because I don’t have a high school diploma. I was accepted into college

under the Ability to Benefit provision. Most universities don’t offer ability to benefit testing and

because of this, I had to go to a community college. Universities need to provide more programs

to lower social classes, who are academically capable of attending college.

Another aspect to consider for the female first generation, working class student of is

academic standing once getting accepted into a college. In a speech by Margaret Spellings in

2005, at Education’s 87th annual meeting adopted in “A Strategic Vision for Higher Education”.

she states: “I believe we’ve done a better job of selling students on the dream of a college degree

than on

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