Is Common Core Really Unacceptable For Our Children?

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Caleb Myers
Writing & Composition
25 March 2016
Is Common Core Really Unacceptable for Our Children?
At New Bern High School, Charlie Bernthal, a freshman, sits in a class room instructed by Common Core standards. It will take one of Charlie’s teachers six minutes to demonstrate the various methods to complete a simple multiplication problem, such as 63 x 24. Students are taught to use arrays, lattice, partial product methods, and eventually the traditional U.S. customary method. The Common Core standards happen to be a big discussion point during this year’s election. People have many strong opinions when it comes to the Common Core State Standards, but researchers and institutions express reasons why teachers and schools should not use Common Core to instruct America’s youth. Schools and teachers should not teach by Common Core standards because these standards are detrimental to our children.
Common Core was supped to work tremendously well for America’s youth and teachers. According to Pattie Barth, a journalist who writes about education for the Huffington Post, has written many articles about Common Core. “The Common Core State Standards are intended to define the knowledge and skills in English, language arts, and math that high school graduates will need for success in college in the 21st century” (Barth). The initiative has been in the works since at least 2008 and was started by former Arizona governor, Janet Napolitano. Common Core is somewhat similar to
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