Is Communication The Only Good Contribution?

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Is communication the only good contribution to this new era of technology? Thanks to new technologies people can stay more connected than ever using the endless capabilities of their smartphones. However, it seems that in this new era, the more connected we are, the more disconnected we become. Nowadays people seem to be more reluctant from interpersonal interaction. Whether going to parties, dining with friends or even commuting, people tend to disconnect from reality. Also, when using their headphones, reading on their tablets, playing video games on their phones or just looking at them for hours, people are becoming now more and more distant from each other. Technology is making individuals less interested in socializing and more isolated by keeping them distracted and addicted from what has significant meaning in their lives; and it can also cause damage to their health.
First, Social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram have made people less interested in face-to-face interaction. People can stay for prolonged periods of hours just looking or checking what is happening in the media, seeing their friend’s pictures or tweeting about any topic on their phones. In fact, according to a study by Chicago University, it is much harder to resist the use of social media than the desire of smoking or having sexual intercourses (Meikle, 2012). It is true that improving relationships and making new friends are good advantages of social networks (Solis, 2011). However,
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