Is Concealed Carry Bad?

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Is concealed carry bad? Is concealed carry dangerous? What about….. Let me stop you there. Concealed carry has such a bad reputation just because it is a handgun concealed from public view. That is what makes it so great, the fact that people cannot see it. It can make people question whether they want to mess with someone or a certain business. Concealed carry is also not handed out to everyone that applies. There are multiple stages of trying to acquire the license to allow this. One stage is a background check. The government checks to see if you have a history of mental illnesses, any arrests or runnings into the law, and more. It is also our right. There have been countless court cases on whether concealed carry is in the same place…show more content…
He had been shot several times and fell to the floor. Two very similar stories, with two very different endings. The only thing that I changed was that in the original story Silverman had brought his handgun with the courtesy of having a concealed carry permit giving him the right to be armed in public. For gun-rights activists, this scene proves that everyone is safer when ordinary citizens are armed. In 2011, there were at least 8 million active concealed carry permits and that number has risen by around a million within the years. While this was happening, gun-rights activists have been busy in courts removing restrictions making it more capable for people to have better self defence (Pickert). In South Carolina conceal-and-carry permits have more than doubled from 2011 to 2013. It’s not just men getting the permits either. Among the newly armed, state statistics show, an increasing number are women (Pickert). In Tennessee, the number of women concealed-weapon-permit holders has increased 82%. “My kids were gone, and all of a sudden I felt vulnerable,” (Pickert). This is a case a woman felt scared and wanted protection. So she resorted to a concealed-weapon-permit for self security. This woman even created an organization called “The Well-Armed Woman” to bring more of a gender diversity to her local range and to encourage women that not just men can have a weapon. So as you see there is a trend. More and more people are getting permits and it’s not just the
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