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IS Concentration and Career Analysis Introduction Coming from a family that owns a small business, I decided to pursue a degree in business administration with concentration in management and marketing. By the time I graduated from college, I realized how important it is to implement information technology into a small business like ours. Our competitors have created online shopping websites which result in increasing sales and expanding territories. It would be cost insufficient for us to hire a professional firm to build our website and maintain it. I start thinking why not doing it myself and that is why I am here in DePaul College of Computing and Digital Media. After some research, I decided to join E-Commerce Technology…show more content…
Before I switched to BA/SA concentration, I took SE 430 -Object-Oriented Modeling which I found extremely useful. The characteristics of this course fit in the idea of building Supply/Demand IT system very well. It focuses on abstraction to capture entity's essential behaviors which is applied to a system being built as client's request or a system being build based on demand and identity opportunities (Streeter). In addition, there were multiple team projects which required me to communicate with my online teammates and client team. It helped me strengthen my communication skills, gained more confident of working with people I do not see face to face, and understand difficulties from both parties of the project. Unfortunately, this course will not count toward my degree but I am glad that I took it. I think this course should be optional in the elective phases of BA/SA concentration because I am sure other BA/SA students could find this as useful as I did . Business Analysis/ Systems Analysis Roles There is often an absence of business and system analysts in small business. In my opinion, if there is one program and one programmer, it is not necessary to hire a business/system analyst due to cost efficiency. But if there are many programmers who are working on multiple programs, it is a important to have someone oversee the big picture. That is the work of the business and systems analyst.
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