Is Constructivism The Best Philosophy Of Education?

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"Is Constructivism the Best Philosophy of Education?"

The dilemma with Objectivism and Constructivism is that they are being regarded as bifurcating philosophies when they should be deemed as complementing philosophies. Why not employ both to create the best educational system possible? We need the Objectivism approach in order to see the global perspective of educating children and we need the Constructivism approach in order to identify the details that are failing some students and bring a sense of humanity to the school system and eliminate the factory sense, which was embedded in the educational systems by Taylor 's ideas on scientific management (Vrasidas, 2000, p.339-362). Therefore, This argument is based on the convergence of Objectivism and Constructivism in order to construct a fair and balance educational system.
Jamin Carson (2005) as stated in Noll (2014) Objectivism is a better option in education because it is more reasonable from a theoretical and practical perspective than constructivism (p.59). According to Vrasidas (2000) Objectivism is the traditional approach to learn and teach based on behaviorist and cognitive theories. A couple of the principles of objectivism are: The real world is fully and correctly structured so that it can be modeled; Symbols are representations of reality and can only be meaningful to the degree that they correspond to reality; And the meaning of the world exists objectively, independent of the human mind and it is
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