Is Consumerism Worth The Degradation Of Our Planet? Essay

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lcala, Anay Salazar
Dr. Lucio
English 1301
3 Nov. 2016

Is consumerism worth the degradation of our planet?

There is no question that planet earth has dealt with countless obstacles. Nonetheless, global warming is a problem that is becoming more evident as the years pass. Global warming is an undeniable epidemic affecting our planet due to the fact that human mortality rates are increasing, and more species are becoming endangered or extinct. It has become such a significant topic worldwide that it is one of the most discussed topics. If we do not spread awareness about the seriousness of global warming, soon our future generations will suffer the consequences.

Humanity has been adding gases to the atmosphere that tend to warm the earth, known as “greenhouse gases.” They are primarily carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Although uncertainty exists about exactly how Earth’s climate responds to these gases, global temperatures are rising. Solutions such as are adding small particles and droplets called aerosols have been used reflect light back into space and tend to cause some areas to cool. Although, because the greenhouse gases that warm the earth stay in the atmosphere longer than the aerosols that cool the earth, the earth’s average temperature is likely to continue to warm. In the coming decades, humans are likely to continue to change our atmosphere. Whenever oil, coal, gas, or wood are burned, carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Approximately
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