Is Content Marketing The Right Way?

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Goal: to post a guide on how to properly do content marketing Total Word Count In This Document: 1029 Title: ?Are You Doing Content Marketing The Right Way?? First off, what is content marketing? Essentially, content marketing is the successor to the dying practice of traditional marketing. Traditional marketing was the go-to marketing strategy of the pre-Information Age world. Traditional marketing included radio ads, magazine ads, and television commercials, all of which can now be fast-forwarded (thanks to DVR), ?skipped? with just a click of a button, or just simply ignored. With traditional marketing becoming increasingly irrelevant in the Digital Age, content marketing is basically traditional marketing adapted to a digital…show more content…
First, and most importantly, there is social media marketing, which is a marketing strategy designed specifically for all kinds of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which see the most online traffic and have the highest potential to stay updated on what consumers need and want, reach out to a large consumer base, and, of course, bring in a huge profit. Next is search engine optimization, or SEO, which means that popular search engines like Google reward businesses that publish high-quality and consistent content by placing information about their products, brand, and services or links to their websites higher on search engine results pages, making it more likely for potential consumers to see, click on, and learn about them instead of their competitors. The next is public relations, or PR. In the world of content marketing, successful PR strategies are the ones that address the issues that consumers care about instead of the issues that the business cares about. After all, since content marketing is basically all about ?the art of communicating with you customers and prospects without selling?, in order to succeed, and gain and retain consumers, businesses need to care about the consumers, not about the business itself per se. The next big content marketing strategy is ?pay-per-click?, or PPC, which is a model of internet-based marketing
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