Is Crest Toothpaste Truly Complete? Essay

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Appeal is the key to the car of spending. Advertisers know, to be successful, they must be able to quickly grab an audience’s attention and promptly make their point to keep it. A good advertisement must also contain all three of Aristotle’s appeals; pathos, ethos and logos, in order to convey a message to the masses. The visual appeal that is given from the Crest Complete with Scope ad is a prime example of how the Procter and Gamble (P&G) Company market their products to a generation that in fast-paced and easily distractible. The makers of Crest, P&G, deliver the first appeal, pathos, through their visual art and a catch phrase. The picture is meant to grab the attention and draw an emotional based reaction. In this ad, many…show more content…
P&G, as a whole, also carries a noticeable title, the number thirteen spot on the List of America’s Most Reputable Companies. P&G use a couple different advertising techniques to help them gain the trust of the consumers. One of these ways is through subliminal advertising, in which they sponsor the Winter Olympics. P&G, just this week, was helping to initiate one of this year’s new Olympic games, the Snowboard Slope Style competition, by having the company logo plastered on one of the jump ramps. Another technique that Crest specifically uses is product association. Using famous singer Shakira, advertisers build a mental connection between music and their product in hopes that this will help consumers buy Crest. The last appeal that an advertiser will attempt to make is that of logos, or the logical appeal. Advertisers know that price is not the true appeal to all buyers and excluding it from their ad not only allows merchants to adjust the price by market but also allows the readers to do more research into the best product choice. In this ad, the visual aid points the reader to a small clock. This clock seems meaningless and out of place until the reader checks the statement that Crest lasts five times longer. However, claims of longer lasting fresh breath may not make a believer out of all consumers. For this reason, Crest shouts out, on their web site, that all their products are
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