Is Customer a King of the Market

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Is consumer really the king In India? | | | | Yes. counsumer is king in india. because consumer know what to buy what not to buy. they are educated. and laws also give protection to customer .consumer protection act is example. | | As per my counterview. Consumers are realy not consumers. Consumers bear an invisible tag of being 'KINGS'. They actually are not. In sense its just to attract the consumers & misguide them by a feel that they are valuable to the market. Consumers is just an ATM to debit cash into the sellers accounts. And make profits to the companies. As richers are linged in market. But what about middle class & poor class. Kings never negotiate but customer has to if they see the prices of products higher than…show more content…
That is why fdi (foreign direct investment) show huge growth with the last decade. Many foreign companeis (pepsico, nokia, walmart, general electrical etc) and bank (citi bank, standard chartered, abn amro etc) are entering in India day by day however many more is to come. | | | | | | Yes the consumer is the king of the market because the success of the business is totally depend on the consumer. As we all known the marketing starts with the consumer needs and ends with the fulfillment of the needs of the consumer. | | | | | | No, I don't think that the consumers are really the king. According to my point of view actually only those consumers are king who have huge amount to spend or you cn sy that who have more time n money to waste. A local consumer cn never be the king. Here is an expl: like if a person purchase a refrigerator. After some days he/she noticed that the refrigerator is not the 1st one it is a second hand machine n also not working properly. Then the person goes to that stor from where he/she purchased it. Guess what! the stor man refuged to take that machine back, and instid of taking back he is blaming the customer. After that the person goes to the company of that machine. Same thing happens with him/her at that place. At last after no option is avilable he/she goes to the consumer court and after all complains and enquiries the store man found guilty. Now the high amount of 20, 000 rs goes into the consumer court
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