Is Cyber Bullying Ruins Self Esteem?

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An unknown female student at an unknown high school wakes up terrified from a nightmare. The student’s nightmare was being bullied by fellow students. The female student went to school the same day. Her day was rough. All day she walked around with rumors. Whenever students walked passed her in the hallway, they laughed and snickered. The student was cross and puzzled, why were fellow students snickering when she walked down the hallway? The student logged on to her Facebook only to discover the reason why fellow students were snickering. It turned out that one of the students was spreading rumors about her on Facebook. She was being cyberbullied by her fellow students and the person behind the rumors was the female student’s best friend.…show more content…
A type of speech that is unprotected is “fighting words”, which is face-to-face personal insults that are addressed to a specific person. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said in a tweet, “hate speech is excluded from protection…and by “hate speech I mean “fighting words” (No hate speech exception article). Threatening to kill someone due to race or religion can be made a crime because it is illegal to make threats and incite crimes against someone. Hate speech does not have any fixed legal meaning under US law/ constitution though. The US government has never had an occasion to define “hate speech” or any kind of speech that people might feel wrong about (Volokh, May 7). Thus, Cyber-bullying is protected by the First Amendment because it falls under hate speech. Many US citizens who believe that the First Amendment applies to students would agree that students have the right to voice their opinions and that hate speech is protected. But, Cyber-bullying, including regular bulling, violates the First Amendment because bulling is a form of slander. Slander is not an opinion and is just meant to ruin the reputation of others. The Amendments that are written in the Constitution are meant to protect us against the government not other citizens. An example of this can be found in an ABA Journal article “Cyber bulling law would violate students’ free speech rights, opponents say”. This article says that a bill is being proposed in Indiana which if passed,
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