Is Dance Curriculum A Means Of Communication Through Performance?

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It should act as means of helping students to develop a meaningful concept of themselves, their relationships and their environment. The curriculum forms the basis for building skills in critical thinking by providing guidelines to examine the reasons behind dancers’ actions, analyzing responses to learned lessons and performance done or attended (Koff, 1). The lessons provided through curriculum should enable dancers to interpret choreographers’ intent. Dance curriculum forms the foundation for strengthening and refining creative thinking skills through the creation of original interpretation of dances, through the construction of scenery, props, lighting and makeup. The curriculum should provide guidelines and structures for learning to place culture and history in its context through the relation of dance to the time and location. The curriculum should allow the teaching of dance as a means of communication through performance (Smith, et al., 29). This article, however, is concerned with the examination of the extent to which dance curriculum offered to support students to enter their professions. The subsequent section provides a review of the degree to which the existing curricula support dance graduates for entry into the profession. The question addressed is to what extent does the dance curriculum support graduates for entry into their dance profession. 4. Dance Curriculum and Student Entry into Profession 4.1. Dance Curriculum is Targeted to Industry The
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