Is Data Breaching The Harmful Effect Of Breaching. A Large Scale Industry?

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ABSTRACT: My paper describes about the most important and burning issue in any organization which is “Data Breaching”. Any industry whether it’s a large scale industry or a small scale industry handles very valued information. This paper describes about the causes and effects of this data breaching with an example. Recently, the data breaches are increasing at an alarming pace. So, my article proposes the preventive measures to be applied in an organization to mitigate the harmful effects of breaching. So, unless the data is security is improved in all aspects the breaching cannot be stopped. WHAT IS DATA BREACHING? A data breach incident is said to occur when an unauthorized attacker successfully accesses a secure system. Data breaches are generally effected on the digital data through the medium of Internet or a network connection. A data breach mostly results in loss of valued data which includes personal, financial and health information. An attacker can also hack into the identity and use the stolen data to impersonate himself as another person to access the personal information. For example, a hacker can breach into a secured network place by stealing the login credentials of the network administrator which may result in a network breakdown because of the compromised system in an organization. Fig 1: Info graphic representing report of data breaching Generally, when a hacker attacks the personal information, in these cases the authorities suggests companies

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