Is Dax Cowart An Autonomous Being?

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Dax Cowart an Autonomous Being One of the major medical concerns in our society today is that of patient’s rights. Is it morally okay to allow a patient to have complete autonomy? Should a doctor do what a patient wants or what is in the best interest of the patient? Every individual should have the right to decide on what is beneficial for him or her and such an idea needs to be respected. A patient’s autonomy should not be disregarded in any way, and we should allow each individual to make a rational choice on what he or she wants. After going through excruciating pain due to his accident that left the majority of his body with third degree burns, Dax Cowart chose to die rather than to live, and his decision should have been respected. Cowart requested for others to be involved in his death by either asking the farmer who found him to give him a shotgun, or asking the ambulance not to take him to the hospital because he prefered to die where he was. Even when Cowart reached the hospital, he asked a nurse to either give him medication that would have killed him or to do something that would have helped him take his own life. Neither the doctors, nor his mother would listened to his pleas for death, and the doctors had his mother sign a consent form for surgery, which they went on to perform on Cowart (Munson 99).

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