Is Death A True Eternal Life?

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Throughout time two forces have always remained constant, the potential of life and grasp of death. Yet through their continuity, the way one views them has been debated since the beginning. Some think life is meant for ones choosing while others may believe its presented as a gift to serve a higher power. As is death is viewed by some as a cold ending in contrast to those who think there is a true eternal life beyond the living reality of this world. Yet through all these variation of beliefs and ideas there is sometimes a connection that links the differences on the basis of a similar idea. Therefore throughout this essay I plan to evaluate not only the differences, but the similarities as well, that are presented in the attitudes of the…show more content…
But do not abuse this power, deal justly with your servants in the palace, deal justly before Shamash. (Strayer 117)
This is where the poem speaks to the ideal of living by stating that Gilgamesh has been given all of this authority and power so he should not chase things that he was not destine for, but rule as a just leader and keep the peace and balance. The idea is not to just live for ones self, but look out for the overall good of others. While the ability to manipulate life and mold it to ones desires was a possibility the Mesopotamians saw death as an inevitable force that could not be cheated. Enkidu goes to show this when he says,
… I entered the house of dust and I saw the kings of the earth, their crowns put away for ever; rulers and princes, all those who once wore kingly crowns and ruled the world in the days of old. They who had stood in the place of the gods Eke Anu and Enlil, stood now like servants to fetch baked meats in the house of dust, to carry cooked meat and cold water from the water-skin… (Strayer 117)
Enkidu is speaking of his dream where emphasis is on the fact that everyone has to go to the underworld. Even when the most powerful people on earth are reduced to table servants in the underworld which really shows the equalizing power of death. this can be seen when Gilgamesh reaches Utnapishtim said,
There is no permanence. Do we build a house to stand for ever, do we seal a
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