Is Death Penalty Ethical? Or Should It Be Abolished?

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Is Death Penalty Ethical? Or Should it be Abolished?
Capital punishment, or death penalty is an ongoing controversial issue that has been discussed among people today. Different people view capital punishment differently. Some may oppose such punishment while others may agree with it. Some people have viewed capital punishment as a deterrence of crime, and others have seen it as murder and thus unethical. Despite the fact that over 135 countries across the world have prohibited the use of death penalty with little evidence to support its use, the United States, nonetheless remains as one of the few major nations that still exercise capital punishment. According source available, capital punishment is not effective in deterring crime. Alternative punishments such as life in prison should be used. To various cultures or religions, it is considered to be unethical. It goes against certain people’s beliefs. The cost of capital punishment is not cheap, nor is the cost of executing an innocent human being. Over the years, multiple cases have indicated the possibilities of executing an innocent person because of mistrial or unfair trial. Death penalty is unethical; therefore, capital punishment should be abolished.
Capital punishment, also known as death penalty, is a legal process where a person is put to death by the state as result of committing a capital crime. The process of taking a prisoner’s life is called execution. The severity of the crime determines whether
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