Is Death Penalty Justified?

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Baral 1 Prayash, Baral Menchaca 12:30 T-TH Final Draft W.C. = 995 Is Death Penalty Justified? Death penalty is the capital punishment given to the person where a person is put to death who has done crime or involved in a crime. It is for those people who is doing the crime intentionally. It is given by the government to the traitors, murderer and so on. The sentence is vindicated by the type of offense committed. There are certain conditions where a death penalty can be correct and should be consider Justified by the government. The death penalty guarantees that those executed will not commit any further criminalities. The criminal is deserved to be punished and…show more content…
The principle of just justice is essential to the civility of our civilization. If capital punishment exists in a judicial system then, crime rate will decrease if the case is solved immediately and the criminal of heinous crime is given capital punishment and also this is made public for other criminals to fear the judicial system and not commit the crime. Making the process of capital punishment being give to a criminal shown to public, may be on news channel or other media is very important, for other criminals to think 100 times before committing the heinous crime. Capital punishment also saves a lot of tax money which can be used in more important stuff like development of the country than being wasted to those people who are good for nothing and has done big crimes. There are also chances that criminals like terrorist would try to rescue by their fellow criminals and while doing that they are going to kill a lot of people. Baral 3 It is the appropriate punishment for the crime committed. It stands alone because it is not dependent on any outside "empirical" justifications like deterrence, cost,

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