Is Deductive And The Second Is Inductive Research Approach?

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1. Methodology
1.1. Research Approach.
The research approach is divided by two main groups, the First is Deductive and the Second is Inductive Research Approach. The differences between them are, the Deductive Approach is using the theory and testing it with the aim. However, the Inductive is trying some ways to make a proof in order to genera new theories. In addition, the Inductive usually uses the research questions so that the researchers can narrow the scope of analysing While, Deductive approach is very popular with quantitative research. It is very important for the researcher to decide which Research Approach would be used to have a successful target of their examination Online available at: Deborah (2013). The group has done this research by using the Deductive Approach with the theories from sources.

1.2 Research Design.
It looks like a map to show the research project, the importance of research design is related to a characteristic cycle, and for the data required which have been collected already to structure and solve the research problem. The research Design is a part of the process how to answer the questions then solving it.
There are Two main factor of Research Design, the first one is Exploratory Research and the second is Conclusive research design. The map below will illustrate the classification of its.

Begin with the Perspective of Purpose of this research, it is able to
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