Is Dentistry A Profession Like It Was Just Yesterday?

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I can remember the moments that inspired me to take up Dentistry as a profession like it was just yesterday. There I was standing in the malls toy store with my father staring up at my first model kit and in that instant I was overwhelmed with joy. Then my father grabs the box that I can barely reach and takes it to the counter, my eyes must have been gleaming with excitement as I watched my father purchase my first model kit. Though this memory is more fragmented than the last, my father assures me that he can remember me rushing him home and sprinting up the driveway so I could quickly start on my new model kit. But after opening the box I find myself helplessly staring at the packaging. There were so many little pieces in the box that must be cut and carefully put together. So many intricate steps that must be followed in order to ensure completion, I can recall some of the print being so small that reading it gave me a headache. At that moment all my hopes had been suspended by fear. The box itself was not fighting, nor were the individual pieces of plastic that fit firmly in their casing. No, it was not the model kit that scared me, it was the prospect of failure that made my hands tremble as I placed each part together. All of the sudden I was bombarded with thoughts of doubt and insecurity.What would my dad think if I failed? Or for that matter my mom? I remember wanting to quit my first model kit before I even begin because I was scared to

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