Is Depression A Serious Mental Illness?

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Depression is a serious mental illness that is more than just a sad feeling. It has proven to be much more complex and has associations with personality as well as its traits, specifically two out of the Big Five personality traits; neuroticism and conscientiousness (McCrae & Costa, 1999). The research conducted by Philip I. Chow and Brent E. Roberts of the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois, have conducted their own research to provide evidence that these static levels of personality can not only be associated with depression, but that personality and its traits can be predictors of depression as well. Chow and Roberts (2014) examined these personality traits (i.e., neuroticism and conscientiousness) to conduct cross-sectional, prospective and correlated-change analyses. The goal was to confirm past research which stated that neuroticism and conscientiousness were could be strong predictors of depression. Chow and Roberts then extended their analyses by using a representative sample of older adults. They used this sample to determine whether changes in these traits would predict a change in depression. They examined variables such as physical health, and life satisfaction to explore the reasoning as to why personality traits could contribute to depression (38). They hypothesized that they would be able to replicate existing data which suggested that neuroticism and conscientiousness would have an association with depression. They believed they
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