Is Depression Caused by Nature or Nurture? Essay

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The general public believe that depression is caused by both nature and nurture factors. A majority of the public believed that nurture has a greater influence on whether the person gets depression or not.

Uni-polar depression is when a person is always in a very low mood which would last at least 2 weeks to be fully diagnosed with depression. A person who has unipolar depression usually do not see the positive side of things. Bipolar depression is when a person has sudden mood swings from really low mood to sudden high mood, bipolar depression is harder to diagnosis than unipolar depression. Depression is thought to involve many genes.

Biological psychologists believe that a person usually develop depression because of genetic
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There is also strong evidence that depression is caused by drugs or alcohol abuse which ultimately changes some genetics of the person
For example cocaine affects neurotransmitters in the brain which could have an affect of developing depression.

Biological explanations also include the fact that depression can be developed by several genes becoming mutated/changed because of x-rays, chemicals or ultra violet light.

Biological explanations however ignore the fact that nurture can play a significant role in the development of depression for instance some people develop depression (unipolar or bipolar) after a tragic event such as a death of a close family member. Therefore how can those individuals have genetic changes that only get triggered when something horrible happens in the person’s life time?
Research with adopted twins have also shown children who have depressive symptoms have the same as their biological parents therefore showing that depression can be inherited (Wender 1968.)

Neurochemical factors (chemical changes) has also been involved in developing depression, there is good evidence that if neurotransmitters such as: serotonin, noradrenalin and dopamine is increased or decreased in large amounts it has a great effect on the synapses therefore if there is an imbalance of neurotransmitters
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