Is Depression Ever Just Depression Summary

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In the article "Is Depression Ever Just Depression", Gary Kaplan list several underlying factors that could possibly be "masked triggers" of depression. The data collected from research spanning a course of 10 yrs. determined that a large percentage of depression, anxiety, and bipolar cases are the result of inflammation in the brain. Kaplan believes factors such as psychological /head injuries, infections (bacterial/viral), or biotoxins (molds/food) have the potential to play havoc on the Central Nervous System. These triggers can cause microglia(cells in the brain that are the innate immune system of the CNS) to become "up-regulated " which develops into a brain inflammation. Symptoms such as depression, anxiety, lack of concentration,…show more content…
Kaplan became puzzled when the intensive psychiatric treatment he was administering to Michael was uneffective. Michael was still depressed and suicidal even after several years of treatment. Kaplan began executing a more integrative approach and found the underlying cause of Michael's depression...Celiac disease. The immune reaction was triggered by gluten in the foods Michael was eating causing brain inflammation which caused his symptom of depression. Kaplan reports that Michael is now gluten free, weaning himself off of anti-depressants, and on a fast road to recovery. Kaplan's article "Is Depression Ever Just Depression" has both subjective/objective points of view. Objectively because of the evidence-based research he presented, and subjectively because Kaplan believes the medical community should construct a medical time line for each of their patients in order to rule out any underlying causes of their condition. Kaplan knows this practiced would cut down on misdiagnosis and in apt treatments. Hence making treatment more effective and restore a sense of
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