Is Desalination A Large Scale Desalination Plant? Essay

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The earth seems is drying up in certain areas of the world at the moment. We have already seen some of the hottest summers on record in the last decade. Summer 2016 was the hottest summer on record since the records were started back in 1880 (Doyle, 2016). The effects of this heat have manifested themselves as drought in areas of the western United States. One of those areas happens to be our home of Southern California. Water resources have slowly declined and conservation has been the key tool to battle the decline. In an effort to find new ways of conserving or creating fresh water supplies, technology has been called upon. The need for technology that can help us meet our fresh water demands becomes more important every day. One of the technologies that has gotten a lot of attention recently is desalination. In fact a large scale desalination plant was just opened in Carlsbad, Ca. The facility is capable of delivering 50 million gallons per day (MGD) (Bienkowski, 2015). Despite this impressive achievement the plant still only accounts for 8% of the total water demand in San Diego County (CDP, 2016). In this paper I will explain the process of desalination, identify a promising new technology, and provide a comparison of technologies. Desalination is the process of removing salts and solids from brackish water and in turn making it drinkable. Most Desalination technologies either use thermal or membrane separation means as their basis (CDWR, 2015). An example of a

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