Is Dialysis A Expensive Treatment?

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As this person waits, the more tempting the black market organs look to seek out. A person who is waiting for a kidney can wait up to 5 years for an organ, and in other states up to 10 years for a kidney from a deceased donor (Living Kidney Donor Network). As they wait for these organs, up to 80 percent of these patients are on kidney dialysis (Living kidney Donor Network). The longer a person waits on kidney dialysis the less likely the transplant will save their lives. The quicker they’re given a new kidney, their live expectancy will almost double than when they wait on dialysis (Living Kidney Donor Network). Dialysis is an extremely expensive treatment as is, the country would be saving money, paying a flat fee for an organ rather than waiting for an organ donation, while on dialysis for months or even years. In addition to, there would be more evaluations for both parties involved. For the donor, there would be evaluations ensuring that their organ can be donated and it’s safe for the surgery to take place. For the recipient, it would ensure the organ would be a right fit, that the organ wouldn’t be prone to rejection, that they aren’t receiving a weak or infected organ. All of which isn’t guaranteed in the unregulated system in place now. The longer a person waits on kidney dialysis the less likely the effectiveness of a transplant. This may lead to an organ failing even if it is a successful transplant.
It is also important to note that unlike the black market for
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