Is Discipline A Child Abuse?

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Is Discipline Child Abuse? What does the word child abuse mean in your own words? Some people believe child abuse includes neglect, punishment, physical or emotional maltreatment. Child abuse is all over the world. Every day a child is either abused or neglected. Since the late 1900’s child abuse was commonly used in the United States (Gale). Now it is slowly coming to its ending point. Since 1992, only two states, Delaware and Oklahoma, have experienced consistent increases today. Is discipline considered Child Abuse?
In 1997, over 3,195,000 children were reported to child protective services (CPS) agencies (Lucinda Almond). Fifteen out of every 1,000 US children were substantiated as victims of child maltreatment (Lucinda Almond). Five categories were provided: physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, emotional maltreatment and others (Lucinda Almond). In the US many families reported for child abuse often display a number of problems, which most likely contribute to their likelihood for engaging in abusive behavior (Lucinda Almond). Many behaviors of child abuse are alcohol abuse, dependency, threat of harm, and bizarre discipline (Lucinda Almond). Neglect is the most common type of reported child maltreatment. Neglect is any action on the part of a caregiver that causes physical or emotional harm. When a child is neglected he or she may soon become depressed or suicidal. Abandonment is another type of neglect (Lyness D’Arcy). This is when a child is left alone for a…

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