Is Doctor Assisted Suicide Ethical?

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Is Doctor-Assisted Suicide Ethical? “Doctor-assisted suicide is the act of a physician facilitating the death of patient by providing the means or information to enable a patient to perform a life-ending act” (American Medical Association). When thinking of assisted suicide the first thing that comes to mind is whether it’s ethical for a doctor to assist in the suicide of a patient. There are many arguments both for and against the act but the arguments for it far outweigh the arguments against it. If I could make a meaningful change in society today, it would be for doctor-assisted suicide to become legal, however, with limitations. The legalization of doctor-assisted suicide would eventually come to affect everyone at some point in time whether they are willingly participating in the act or not. If doctor-assisted suicide became legal people as well as their families would gain the choice of either letting them live or letting you die. Limitations would need to be set in place to prevent people with illnesses such as depression or the like to simply be able to walk into the doctors office and asked to be prescribed death. The system should be strictly reserved for those with terminal illnesses that are causing a great deal of pain and suffering among the patient. This concept is similar to what we do with our beloved pets when they become too ill to withstand life anymore. We don’t want to see them
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