Is Donald Trump And Bernie Sanders?

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As the 2016 Presidential Election starts to close in on the primaries, we are now beginning to see the front-runners in both political parties. Donald Trump, who has been far ahead of the other Republican candidates almost the entire race, seems more and more likely to snag the Republican nominee, while Bernie Sanders has continued to climb in the polls on the Democratic side. Whether the next President is going to be Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, or another candidate, it is inevitable that they will have to come up with a plan for gun control, health care, and have a foreign policy that can deal with the problems we face today. As Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders both represent different parties, some of their ideas still overlap one another. Although both candidates need to adjust the details of their healthcare proposals, their gun control proposals and foreign policies seem adequate in accordance with their political parties.
Generally, Republicans and Democrats have different views on issues, and healthcare is no exception. Candidates facing against Donald Trump in the Republican party have began to hammer Trump when it comes to his liberal ideology on healthcare. Trump has been an advocate for Universal health care, which is an idea shared with Bernie Sanders. Mark Tauscheck, A Des Moines’ journalist, was present when Trump announced his plans to run for President in April of 2015, and he quotes Trump saying, “I would end Obamacare and replace it with something…
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